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Another Promo! [UPDATED]

Our team is working on some new projects for you. We'll talk about it later this summer. Untill then, we are offering you Fast Food Nation for free, thanks to freeAppCalendar.com

July 24 only ! Have fun!


Still hungry? Download SWAPit for FREE  !

Download Fast Food nation for Free !

Today, Linart, FunTouch and the French Free operation gives you Fast Food Nation for free! Just download it from the AppStore, you won't regret it.

Each day during the month of February, FunTouch.net is giving you the opportunity to download a free game from a different French-speaking studio or developer

Fast Food Nation 2.1.0 is live !

We had a lot of bugs to hunt on Fast Food Nation, but we wanted to give you something more in this update. A simple bugs fix isn't really enjoyable. Now, with the "Endurance" mode, you can serve a growing number of clients without time limit. The game is over when you have three unhappy customers (Our team lasts no more than 5 minutes - can you beat our developers ?) This new mode is also OpenFeint Enabled. There's more than 50 achievements and three leaderboards waiting for you ! We have also fixed a lot of things (our sound and music engine to start), but we won't list them all, that would be too long (and won't be comprehensible without the actual code) The update is available from the AppStore right now!

SWAPit : Available on the AppStore

Our new game is available! 
We are proud to introduce SWAPit, a new puzzle/arcade game available for a special introduction price of $0.99 (for the first week) Dont miss it !

And one year is gone

One year ago we were busy full filling all of the papers and administrative stuff to put on the market our first game, Fast  Food nation. After passing trough a lot of banking trouble, a crazy big update and a lot of work (But we made great so we thank you very much) we finally manage to create a second really fun game which should come out very very soon. Our first website wasn't very finalized and a lot of functions  like the beta testing program were never finished. But to celebrate our first year and the launch of our second game, we bring you a brand new and beautiful website!

Cheers everyone, and thank you!

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